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What's here?

Not much, yet. We plan to add a lot more to this site in the near future, including a list of all the games that we have for sale and for play. Right now, though, you can see a list of the events that we will be at to the right. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, see what people have to say about our most popular offering, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator: Click Here

Public Events 2018

Event Dates Games Artemis Laser Tag
Codemash V2.0.1.8 January 9-12 Yes Yes Yes
AWH Teambuilding Event (Private) January 15 No Yes No
Adepticon March 22 - March 25 Yes Yes No
Artemis Armada IV April 6-8 No Yes No
LexiCon April 20-22 Yes No No
Origins June 13-17 No Yes Yes
Charcon July 20-22 Yes Yes No
GenCon August 2-5 No No Yes
THAT Conference August 6-8 No Yes No
BGF September 13-16 Yes Yes No
CinCityCon October 12-14 Yes No No

( denotes events that have not been fully confirmed yet)